San Ramon Soccer would like to share with you the following information regarding two significant changes in the way that youth soccer teams will be formed, beginning in January 2016, as announced by the U.S. Soccer Federation (U.S. Soccer) and our playing league, NorCal Premier Soccer League (NorCal). 

The initiatives consist of a change to player registration age groups based on the player's calendar birth year rather than the current age grouping format that runs from August to July, and a new standardized Small-Sided Games format for players in the Under-6 to Under-12 age groups. 

Both initiatives will be mandated throughout Northern California by NorCal beginning with the spring season of 2016 for teams currently U5 to 13, and with current U14 and older teams following suit after the 2015-2016 State Cup finals conclude in late spring.  

Our technical staff is currently reviewing all competitive team rosters, player birth years and player positions prior to the implementation of these changes so we can quickly adapt and communicate any roster and/or coaching assignments as needed for 2016. 

Some teams will change more than others, and the club understands that this may cause some anxiety for families while we examine the best options for our players, but please be assured that San Ramon Soccer will continue to do what is in the best interest of each player's overall development. 

Lastly, it is important to note that all youth soccer clubs in Northern California will abide by the new format in 2016 and all youth soccer clubs in the United States will abide by the new format no later than the fall of 2017. 


If you have any questions regarding the upcoming changes, please contact me directly at doc@sanramonsoccer.org.

Thank you!

Omar Cervantes
Director of Coaching & Player Development
San Ramon Soccer
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