Family Futbol Fun Day - 2016

Family Futbol Fun Day - 2016

San Ramon Soccer Information - Find The Program For You

Welcome to San Ramon FC!

With San Ramon FC, kids and adults can experience a variety of fun and educational soccer opportunities.

Children as young as 3 years old can join the fun.

Take a look and see what programs are right for you and your family.

With the exception of the Kick Start program, our programs and leagues typically offer separate teams and/or training for boys and girls.

We offer financial aid for those families who qualify. (See below for details.)


Kick Start Soccer in San Ramon for 3 and 4 Year Olds

Kick Start Soccer in San Ramon for 3 and 4 Year Olds

A fun introduction to soccer concepts for beginning players. Our classes include fun activities to boost confidence, coordination, friendship, and gross motor skills.

Designed for players between 3 and 4 years old. Kick Start Soccer classes are 1-hour in length and are offered in an outdoor setting (apart from winter season).

These classes are offered throughout the year as a 6-week program.

Learn more about this program.

U5 - U6 Recreational Soccer in San Ramon

U5 - U6 Recreational Soccer in San Ramon

Our U5-U6 Recreational program is a fun introduction to soccer in a 3v3 game format to nurture your child’s future soccer enjoyment and development.  

The teams are coached by volunteers (typically parents) and games are played in the fall.

For convenience, the weekly practice and game are scheduled on the same day at the same field.

For example, a team will practice for 30 minutes with their volunteer coach and then play a 30-minute game against another team.

We do not use goalies, referees, or track wins/losses for this age group.

Registration opens March 1st and the season typically begins in late August or early September.

Learn more about this program.

U5 - U7 Junior Skills Soccer Clinics in San Ramon

This clinic helps young players improve their soccer skills  & motor skills while teaching concepts to help better understand the game.

Fun is always priority #1. Each session provides a fun and challenging learning environment.

Led by our professional staff of coaches and trainers, the clinic is typically 1-hour in length and is offered in an outdoor setting (apart from winter season).

This clinic is offered throughout the year and is offered as a 6-week program.

Learn more about this program.

U7 - U19 Recreational in San Ramon

U7 - U19 Recreational in San Ramon

Our Recreational program features teams coached by volunteers (typically parents) during the fall season.

Practices begin in August. Matches begin in late August or early September and end in early November.

Teams may practice 1 or 2 times per week and play games on the weekend.

Beginning with the U9 age group, referees are used and win/loss records are tracked.

Older age groups, U11 and up, may travel to nearby cities, such as Dublin, to play a match.

Registration opens March 1st and the season begins in August for most age groups.

Learn more about this program.

Select Soccer

The Select program is a hybrid extension of both the Recreational program and the Competitive program.

The Select program features teams led by a volunteer head coach, while also providing players with training with our professional coaching staff once a week.

It also has a higher commitment of both time and money than the Recreational program.

Players interested in playing in this program must attend the player assessments for our competitive program for their age group.  The player assessments are held in May.

Learn more about this program.


U8 SRFC Academy (Competitive Soccer Program)

The SRFC U8 Academy provides training and play at a higher level for those seeking more advanced skills development than recreational play provides. The focus is on player development and the education of players.

Learn more about this program.

U9 - U19 Competitive Soccer Program in San Ramon

The Competitive program provides player development & competition for youth seeking to develop advanced soccer skills under the direction of our professional coaching staff.

Player assessments for our Competitive program tryouts are held in May.  The assessment dates will vary for each age group.

Learn more about this program.

U14 - U18 College Soccer Services in San Ramon

The College Services program is designed to assist any San Ramon FC player that has the desire to play college soccer.

Learn more about this program.

Competitive Men's Soccer Program

Competitive Men's Soccer Program

Beginning in the spring of 2019, our Men's Senior Team will play in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL).

In previous years, the team also competed in the LIGA NorCal, a competitive adult league organized by NorCal Premier.  Our team played in LIGA's summer, fall, and spring leagues. 

During the season, the team trains twice a week in San Ramon.

Learn more about this program

WPSL Program and Under-23 Women's Program

WPSL Program and Under-23 Women's Program

Our club joined the Women's Premier Soccer League at the end of 2015.  The WPSL is the largest amateur women's soccer league in the world.

Our team's inaugural season was in the summer of 2016. 

Our team competes in the PacNorth Division of the WPSL.

In addition to our WPSL team, our club also fields a competitive under-23 team, featuring talented youth and collegiate players. The under-23 team competes in the NorCal Premier adult league.

Learn more about our WPSL program


U14 to Adult - Referee Work in San Ramon

We encourage players, coaches, parents, and anyone interested (13 years and older) to take the referee class.

Learn more about becoming a referee.

Soccer Coaching in San Ramon

No Experience? No Problem. Coach training and/or certification is available for all coaches.

Visit our free soccer coaching resources page for tips and information.

Lots of Experience? Share it!

Inquire about coaching opportunities with our club.

Futsal Programs for Youth and Adult

Futsal in San Ramon

We built and operate our own futsal facility.

We offer various futsal clinics and leagues for youth players of various ages and abilities.

Also, players in our competitive program may receive one training session per week with their team during the season.

We also host adult leagues and "pick-up" futsal nights (players 16 years and up) during the year.

Learn more about club's youth futsal programs.

Learn more about adult pickup futsal on the page.

U7 - U12 Recreational Futsal in San Ramon

Designed as an introduction to the sport of futsal, our recreational futsal program features fun lessons with pro coaches to teach proper technique and ball skills. The program offers futsal lessons once a week and also includes small-sided games or scrimmages on the same day as the lessons.

Futsal is popular around the world and the sport can be played indoors or outdoors.

Our recreational futsal program will be indoors, in our club's futsal facility.

This program is offered at various times during the year.

Learn more about our club's futsal program.


View Our Club Activity Calendar

View Our Club Activity Calendar

Which Age Group Does My Child Belong To?


This PDF document will help you determine which age group your child belongs to when registering for our club's programs and clinics:

Birth Year Registration and Season Matrix (PDF)

Financial Aid

San Ramon Soccer Club, Inc., doing business as San Ramon FC (SRFC), provides interested and motivated youth the opportunity to play soccer at the level that fits their skill and ability.

SRFC strives to keep soccer affordable, so all youth have an opportunity to participate.

As such, the SRFC Financial Aid program is intended to provide opportunities for financially disadvantaged youth players to participate in SRFC programs.

Club Calendar

Club Calendar

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