How Did We Decide Upon the New Name, Logo and Color Scheme?

After assembling our mission statement and our eleven pillars of character, our committee shifted its focus to the club name and the club logo. 

Our committee kept an open mind while examining various names, logos and color schemes. It was important to find a logo that represented our new mission statement and the eleven pillars of character, as well as our dedicated soccer community in San Ramon.

As logos and names were discussed and reviewed through committee meetings, the number of options steadily narrowed.

Some logos and names were fantastic, while others were not.  Ultimately, some were discarded when they did not adequately meet our prerequisites of representing our new mission statement and pillars, as well as our soccer community.

Our staff and board of directors strongly believed that our club deserved to be represented by a well-crafted, inspirational logo design.

For our logo design process, we consulted with a graphic designer who converted our ideas into a visual representation of our club which we now look at with pride.

League and Affiliations

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